13 Black Owned Fitness Studios To Get Your Body Right In The New Year

Published at : January 8th, 2020

A new year means… new fitness goals?

With fitness being one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for just about everyone, it’s time we start supporting gyms that cater to and for us. There’s cycling, barre, bootcamp, and boxing, and more that are all Black owned and will help you get your body and your mind right to conquer your goals.

And because most gym memberships often go unused after February each year, we’ve rounded up the best studios (in no definitive order) that are all so good, they’ll make you stick around all year long. 

The best part? All fitness levels welcome.

SWEAT DC is a fitness studio based on the fact that a workout should be an inclusive, challenging, and empower you from the inside out. Known for it's 45 minute HIIT training and strength offerings, these classes will truly get you sweating.

JTW Fit isn’t just a fitness studio, it’s a community. Founded by two Black men — and Harlem natives — they’re on a mission to make fitness inclusive and affordable for everyone.

If you’ve ever come across the E.F.F.E.C.T. Fitness Instagram page, then you know their bootcamp classes are lit — so much so that you may even catch your favorite celebrity there. The bootcamps are tough, and leave you craving more, in the best way possible.

Founded in August 2016 by 3 black men trying to make a difference in Philadelphia, Push U Training came together with one vision: to become a staple in the community for health and fitness. Push Universal Training provides clients with a wide variety of training styles to suit and fitness level, and make you feel comfortable while doing it.

Dance your way to better fitness at NC Dance District. This upbeat cardio workout combines Top 40 music with street style dance moves that will fly by so quick you’ll forget you’re actually working out. You’ll think you’re working out alongside Beyonce the way the classes challenge you to bring your all.

Sidebarre is a high intensity, low impact full body workout with classes that build and tone in all the right places. Although no dance experience is required at all, their instructors are technically trained in ballet, making them fully aware of how the body operates.

Founder and fitness enthusiast Heather White was tired of attending boutique fitness classes in Boston and feeling like she didn’t belong. So in 2016, she created TrillFit, a fitness studio that brings hip-hop, culture, and inclusivity to fitness. Think of it as a hip-hop workout party equipped with a live DJ for every class, lots of twerking, high-intensity workouts, and fun choreography.

Hard Training Club is a fitness studio in Washington DC offering small group bootcamp and boxing based fitness. Guests of all skill levels can participate dynamic boxing sessions, alongside mixed martial-arts and self-defense courses.

Looking for an alternative to Soul Cycle? Harlem Cycle is a boutique cycling studio in Harlem that offers classes and music inspired by the neighborhood's history and character.

KTX Fitness has become very popular for its unique approach to health and fitness. Classes such as “Rock the Bike™” cycle, step, and zumba are offered in exercise party atmosphere and provides a fun and challenging workout that is sure to have participants working every muscle.

M.A.D.E. Fitness is the next generation of trainers redefining fitness in Nashville. They believe in providing a family environment and working to get better as a team. And what’s better than working out with friends that feel like family?

The 50-minute BOOMBOX classes are music-driven and combine shadow boxing, aqua bag work, and functional training to burn fat and build lean muscle. Located in the Navy Yard area of Washington D.C. this gym was founded by the owner’s collective love for music, community, and boxing.

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