32 Black Owned Shoe Companies

Published at : October 1st, 2019

Shoes are not only worn to protect the human feet. They are also worn because they add the final touch to the style you are trying to create. The history of shoes is very long and nobody really knows when the first shoes were created but we do know that they were originally made to warm the feet. Now, there are many different types and each kind helps you function a different way. The shoe is also made up of many parts and every kind of shoe has different parts then other types. Year by year, shoes have been improving and becoming more and more popular. Now, we have all the equipment and all the materials we need to make the shoe better than ever.

Fuggit Crochet shoes inspired for ending sneaker violence. Our mission, starts with the power of the individual. People driving up demand for consumer fashion like sneakers causes corporations to take advantage by overpricing their products.

Blue Sole Shoes  is a shoe store specializing in fashion-forward footwear for men in styles from dress to casual. Owner: Steve Jamison. Blue Sole Shoes is one of the few emerging boutiques helping solidify Philadelphia as a budding fashion forward city. It’s our main goal to give every visitor the best shopping experience they have ever had. With over 25 years working in the retail industry our stores function isn’t just a place for the style conscious consumer to buy exclusive footwear but an inspiration for future entrepreneurs or consumers who can look forward to their first Blue Sole purchasing experience. Expect a genuine hand shake upon entering the store or a wave as you walk by, take a look around and notice you would be hard pressed to find more styles, brands and “shoe knowledge” from anywhere. Blue Sole carries a variety of new and cutting edge men’s shoes along with classic conservatives, well known name brands and high-end shoes you may not have heard of!

AMAK by Amiya footwear is available in tween/adult sizes, size 12 for youth through size 10 for adults. This allows both moms and their daughters to walk in positivity together. AMIYA loves to model, dance, sing, act, gymnastics and play the piano. She is your typical kid who loves to laugh, play outdoors and play her Nintendo DS. Amiya can be seen on several commercials, tv sitcoms and on the runway. She made her first runway debut at the JUST 4U EXPO at the tender age of 2 years old where she stole the hearts of those in attendance.

Abstract Shoe At Abstract Shoe we sell original wearable art on sneakers, shirts and miscellaneous products.

BROTHER VELLIE’S  Handcrafted shoes from South Africa, Kenya & Morocco, founded by Creative Director, Aurora James. Brooklyn-based Aurora James maintains the spirit of Africa with traditional footwear handcrafted in village workshops. Each pair is assembled from sustainable resources using heritage techniques perfected over generations. Horsehair fringe, plush furs, and carved bones beautifully embellish the desert styles.

Wicked Kicks My goal is to be a blessing and cater to everyone that shops with me. I want everyone to feel comfortable coming into my Business and feeling appreciated.

Negash Apparel and Footwear was created in 2007 in Detroit, MI. Inspired by our hometown of Detroit, the arts and life of Egyptian culture, and the ancient ancestral royal blood that still runs through our veins, the brand takes heavy influence from Egyptian symbols, Pharaohs, Gods, and Goddesses. Our logo, the Deshret crown, was worn by the Pharoahs ruling over Lower Egypt. We inspire our customers to know their history and know they are royalty.

SoleTouched  was designed to assist sneaker owners and lovers, Restore.Recycle & Maintain their sneaker collection. Sneaker cleaning, restoring, customizing and consignment are just some of the ways SoleTouched rebirths your collection.

Fly Jane is an online shoe boutique carrying the hottest selection of shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, Jessica Simpson & more. We are the source of tastemakers across the globe.

Khemetic Iconography Apparel, Products and Art all influenced by Egypt and Egyptian culture. Shirts, kicks, Fine Art and more. Check it out, Purchase and Enjoy, Oh… Website coming soon untill then go to my store on facebook and enjoy.

ARCH FOOTWEAR  athletic and casual footwear, logo tees and in the future apparel. CBP books and consulting information on various forms of media as well as manufacturing consultation.

Aminah Abdul Jillil Shoes Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska Aminah began as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in music including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. She’s appeared in commercials for Pepsi, Mazda and New Balance and recently performed as lead character “Crimson” in Cirque du Soleil’s BELIEVE. In 2012, after completing her third world tour with Britney, Aminah launched her first collection of women’s shoes selling mostly online and a few L.A based boutiques including the iconic Fred Segal

Eleanor Anukam  Born out of necessity, developed with passion After years of searching for luxury footwear with no success; Eleanor Anukam, a size 12 herself, embarked on a journey to create an eponymous line of luxury women’s footwear to service this underserved population of women with shoe sizes over 10. “I’m designing for a fashion forward lady with broadened global influences with a thirst to disrupt fashion.” Eleanor Anukam states. I envision a style that is sexy, modern, and feminine. Supported by the finest manufacturing resources in Brazil, Eleanor sources the most exquisite leathers and hardware handcrafted by master cobblers.

SAMANTA SHOES  Every woman needs at least one great pair of shoes. Women that wear larger shoe sizes, desire current fashion trends, and are frustrated by the lack of availability. Samanta Shoes is dedicated to solving this global problem. Samanta creates life changing experiences for women who have trouble finding stylish shoes with comfort in their size. In addition to traditional sizes, Samanta offers large size women’s shoes in size 11, size 12, size 13, size 14, and wide width sizes. Samanta Shoes is a recognized luxury brand that is validated by celebrity clients, media exposure, and billion dollar retail partners.

Tucci Polo Inc serves the luxury footwear, leather goods & accessories market. Known for exclusive, top quality, handmade luxury shoes & leather messenger bags for men and women who take pride in being stylish and classy. In addition to offering a wide range of accessories, TucciPolo offers urban footwear’s and accessories designed by fashion-lovers including its own owner. To guarantee quality, products are handmade with the finest Italian leather materials found across Europe and by the best English and Italian artisans. The store also promises the best customer service and a unique shopping experience.

Nude Soles   I would bring nude color shoes for all to the market. Nude is beyond beige and we live in a colorful world. I created Nude Sole to further bring diversity and inclusion to the fashion industry. I hope that Nude Sole brings you joy.

Lavati  is a brand of luxury footwear made in Italy. Co–Founder: Davidson Petit-Frere.

Armando Cabral Eponymous men’s shoe collection from fashion model Armando Cabral. Enjoy.

The Red Pump Project ® is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate women and girls of color about HIV through bold programming and digital initiatives. We empower, educate, and motivate action by boldly driving conversation online and offline around HIV prevention and issues related to sexual and reproductive health. The Red Pump Project is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Using the red pump as a symbol of empowerment to represent the strength and courage of those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, we want to show that “Awareness is Always in Style!” “Rock the Red Pump®” and the Red Pump logo are registered trademarks of The Red Pump Project and may not be used without express written consent.

Billione Rikko WE CELEBRATE THE UNORTHODOX, CHAMPION THE UNCONVENTIONAL. Innovation is in our genes, defiance in our DNA. Eclectic in our influences, we value fearlessness & radical thinking. We are free-willed, free-spirited, intensely individual yet fiercely independent, and, it goes without saying, we are unashamedly luxurious.

AMAK by Amiya AMAK by Amiya footwear is available in tween/adult sizes, size 12 for youth through size 10 for adults. This allows both moms and their daughters to walk in positivity together.

Sneakerscustom  Sneakerscustom.com designs, manufactures and distributes custom sneakers and athletic footwear for men and women. Consumers can order direct from the company website or become authorized wholesalers.

Sony B’s Shoe Hive  Providing the latest styles and trends in ladies footwear.

Flat Out of Heels  Founder & CEO Dawn Dickson created Flat Out of Heels rollable flats out of necessity. In February 2011, Dawn was attending an event in South Beach, Miami dressed to the nines in six-inch heels. After standing for hours her feet were on fire and…

KEVIN KIRKSEY  Over 25 Tennis Shoes All Leather Custom made to choose from. Truly A Step Above and Set Apart

Sugarfoot Shoetique  Sugarfoot Shoetique provides chic and bold women’s shoes.

Abdju Wear Abdju Wear’s founder, Bobby West, said, “We are taking the hood out of the community one shoe at a time. Abdju Wear is dedicated to building the African American community with a product that will transform the Hoods back into a community. 

Ron Donovan The company began building custom footwear for men with “extreme size” feet. However, we soon began catering to the needs of men and women of all sizes who appreciate style and understand the value of quality.

Tippy Tot Shoes Our goal is to make babies look and feel fantastic. In fact, Pediatric Podiatrist have proven that leather hard bottoms assist tremendously in your baby’s first steps. We dress children from 6 months to 2 years old.

Sole Rebels From the humblest of beginnings, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu has built soleRebels into the planet’s fastest growing African footwear brand. She has created world class jobs, empowered her community and country while presenting a galvanized, dynamic face…

IYLIA Native New Yorker Layla-joy Williams has already made her mark on the footwear industry. For more than 14 years, Layla-joy has used her vast design experience to gain incredible insight into the most prized accessory category within women’s fashion.

KEEXS Footwear The KEEXS footwear brand is an African inspired range of casual footwear that Brings out the Cool in any man or lady. It is also for people who are expressive and unapologetic for style choices. The name KEEXS originates two words KICKS which means..

R. Nicole Collection R. Nicole Collection sells shoes and accessories made #PrettyGirls. We have partnered with Tashka Store to sell their Tashka Exclusive rolling travel bag.

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