The Bailee App - Frequently Asked Questions

Published at : July 1st, 2019

What is The Bailee App

The Bailee App is a network of black owned businesses, offering a way to communicate and stay connected through postcards, comments, and private messaging.

Business owners create profiles and post content which may contain photos, videos and text of their product or service.

What are Comments?

A comment is a reply to a business’s post. Anyone can leave comments based on their personal experience with that business.

What is a chat?

The chat feature is a private instant message sent from one user to another.

The messages are encrypted from end to end and cannot be seen by the app administrator other than the two parties

What's a Postcard?

A Postcard is either a video or an image which often appears on the “Postcard Tab”.

Business owners, once logged in can post images and videos of their products or service. This feature allows business owners to showcase their work.